Other agreements

State Date of signature Ratification deed and its date Status Remarks
Iran 23/2/2006 Decree 13 0f 2008 Came into force on 1/6/2010 Preferential trade agreement
2/10/2010 Signed during the visit of the president of the republic to Iran it needs to be ratified Free trade agreement valid as from 21/3/2011
Turkey 22/12/2004 Decree 37 of 2005 1/1/2007Valid as from  An agreement of partnership to establish a free trade zone
European Union Signed initially on 19/10/2004 and 14/12/2008 After being signed initially to establish a free trade zone then it was reviewed technically and signed again on 14/12/2008 Free trade zone
Mercosur 16/12/2010 An agreement to establish a free trade zone Still waiting to be ratified
South Africa 21/10/2010 Ratified on 17/7/2011 Valid Measures of ratification are to be finalized