Central Bank of Syria

The Management Committee of the Central Bank of Syria issued a decision regarding the issuance of two bulletins by the bank, the first under the name of the Remittances and Exchange Bulletin, and the second under the name of the Banks Bulletin.
The decision included:
Article (1): The Central Bank of Syria / Directorate of Banking Operations issues a daily bulletin under the name “Remittance and Exchange Bulletin” and a daily bulletin under the name “Banks Bulletin”.
Article (2): The “Remittance and Exchange Bulletin” shall be applied in the following uses:
1- Purchasing foreign exchange in cash from natural persons, through exchange companies and operating banks licensed to deal in foreign exchange.
2- Purchasing foreign commercial transfers, incoming transfers to natural persons, and incoming transfers through global transfer networks.
3- Evaluation of the periodic financial statements of the licensed exchange companies.
Article (3) Other than what was mentioned above of this decision, the relevant decisions are applied so that:
1- The “Banks” bulletin replaces the “Banks and Exchange” bulletin.
2- The “delivery price of transfers to legal persons” mentioned in the banks’ bulletin replaces the “delivery price of personal transfers” mentioned in the banks and exchange bulletins, and is applied to the purchase of transfers received from legal persons from abroad that are not included in paragraph (2) of Article 2 above.