About SIA

Syrian Investment Agency is established as per article 10 from law/18/ 2021 . It is an independent agency affiliated to the minister of economy and foreign trade.

The Agency undertakes the following tasks:

A- Executing the investment plans that are approved by the Board.

B- Studying the investment proposals which are received by other parties.

C- Proposing to amend the necessary legislation to develop and modernize the investment environment.

D – Preparing and updating the private investment map in coordination with the concerned authorities, in a manner consistent with the provisions of this law.

E – Granting the investment license, after issuing all the necessary licenses and approvals for the implementation of the project, according to the approved procedures manuals.

F – Providing services to investors, studying their requests and taking the necessary action in their regard.

G- Providing advice and information to investors.

H- Carrying out all promotional activities to attract investment.

I- Following up on the implementation of projects that obtained an investment license and addressing issues facing investors.

J- Issuance of procedures manuals.

K- Preparing a database for investment projects.