SIA Branches

The branch aims to carry out the Agency’s tasks in enhancing the investment environment in its governorate. The Agency has established branches in some governorates according to the decision of the Director General of the Investment Agency No. (90) dated May 17, 2009, which included the functions of the branches and their action mechanism, including:

-Licensing investment projects according to the provisions of the investment laws that will be established within the governorate, and making amendments through the Investor Services Center in the branch, in which the ministries and public authorities that are concerned with investment are represented.

-Simplifying and facilitating investment procedures.

-Follow up the implementation of projects in the governorate.

-Carrying out all promotional activities to attract and encourage investments in the governorate.

Where the branch performs all services related to investment projects without the need to review the central administration of the Agency, except in some very important transactions such as canceling the project and obtaining customs exemption for the imports of the project.

The following is a table showing the branches’ addresses and numbers:



Agency Branch








The main center

011-4473012 011-4428124  

Damascus – Sabaa Bahrat, former Council of Ministers building


Quneitra branch

014-2234446 014-2221759  

Quneitra – Al-Baath City – opposite the public park


As-Suwayda branch

016-240272 016-2296193 016-240272  

As-Suwayda City – Tishreen Square – Old Technical Services Building


Daraa branch

015-2228615 015-2228614  

Daraa – Governmental Complex, second floor, – western wing, third floor.


Hama branch

033-2517197 033-2510929  

Homs Road – Technical Services Building – opposite the Directorate of Agriculture


Al-Hasakah branch

052-374041/2/3 052-313933

Tartous branch

043-2320133 043-2321897  



Lattakia branch

041-2573988 041-2573987  

Lattakia – Sheikh Daher – the new governorate building, sixth floor


Aleppo branch

021-2227945 021-2227946

Aleppo – Public Park