transportation ministray

Work continues on the implementation of the industrial city station and the dry port in Hasya, Homs. The Syrian Railways Corporation has designed lines, sidewalks and squares in the station to be implemented in three phases (3-6-10) million tons per year according to the actual need to transport loads.
The implementation of part of the first phase has begun, and the infrastructure works for the lines have been implemented and the residential buildings for the workers, the marketing and customs building, the administration building, and the maintenance hall building have been completed, while the implementation of the metal warehouses is nearing completion.
The Foundation stated that the lower section of five lines out of /23/ marked in the first phase has been equipped with a length of each line about /750/m and is ready for extension. About 85% of the concrete squares and about 10% of the asphalt squares have been implemented, in addition to rain drainage and conversion centers. Electricity, lighting poles and the continuation of the implementation of concrete sidewalks.
It is noteworthy that the number of lines observed in the second phase is /12/ lines for transporting (6) million tons annually, and in the third phase / 17/ lines for transporting (10) million tons annually.