Electricity and private investments sector

The ministry of electricity launched a set of laws , executive instructions , systems and resolutions which regulate the work of the ministry and which encourage investment in energy and power sector , we state here under some of them :

  1. Electricity law Nr.32 of 2011.
  2. Resolution Nr.6594 of 2011 which includes executive instructions.
  3. Resolutions by the prime ministry :
  • 3381 of 2011 related to the system of granting permits to perform activities in the field of power .
  • 3722 of 2012 , which included conclusion of agreements to sell and purchase power.
  • 16202 of 2011 which included the encouraging prices of power generated from renewable energy.
  • 3994 of 2012 which include the system of financial penalties related to electricity power .
  1. Resolution of the ministry of electricity :
  • 961 of 2012 which included basic , conditions and capacities of projects and systems of renewable energies which can be linked to the network of distribution and purchase of produced electricity
  • 722 of 2013 which included the system of investing electricity
  • 1091 of 2013 which included the procedural directory for granting licenses and permits.