Damascus & It's Countryside

Opportunities In Governorate by sectors:

# Project Name: Sector: Location:
Calcium carbonate production project Industry R if Dimashq Ras Al Ma'arra about 45 km north of Damascus
A project to invest quartz sand and limestone rocks in the manufacture of siliceous limestone blocks Industry Rif Dimashq Al Marah
An integrated factory for the manufacture of v olcanic tuff blocks, precast walls, and tuff wool Industry Rif Dimashq Tell Dakwa 20 km east of Harran Al Awamid
Marble development project Industry Rif Dimashq Al Rahiba
Zeolite Investment Industry R if Dimashq Al Mukhailat area southeast of Damascus, about 170 km Rif Dimashq Um u th o n area, southeast of Damascus, about 220 km