Investment Opportunities:
# Project Name: Governorate:
Production of paper rolls for the tissue industry location Hama
Establishment of a factory for the production of raw materials for synthetic detergents (sulfonic acid) Hama
Production of electrode welding rods Hama
Assembling electrical and electronic circuits for industrial projects Hama
Design and manufacture of industrial machinery and production lines Hama
Paint industry Hama
Manufacturing and assembling solar panels Hama
Manufacture of metal construction parts Hama
Plastic factory Quneitra
Block production plant Quneitra
Dairy and cheese production plant Quneitra
Waste paper recycling Aleppo
Halawa and tahini production Aleppo
Manufacture of titanium dioxide Aleppo
Production of all kinds of biscuits (plain – stuffed – dipped…) Aleppo
Manufacture of inks for printing Aleppo
Production of human medicines of all kinds Aleppo
Dairy and cheese production Aleppo
Synthetic yarn production Aleppo
Manufacture of large (road) lighting poles Aleppo
Preparing, printing and dyeing fabrics automatically Aleppo
Manufacture of various textile machines Aleppo
Ready-mixed aggregates and concrete and mortar Aleppo
Production of food appetizers from potatoes and corn Aleppo
Drinks with added flavors of fruit juice Aleppo
Production of sterilizers, antiseptics, cosmetics, and creams Aleppo
Production of curtain fabrics and furnishings Aleppo
Manufacturing medical devices and tools for clinics and hospitals Aleppo
Recycling and reuse of building w aste (concrete waste) Aleppo
Zeolite Investment Damascus & It's Countryside
Investing shale rocks Aleppo
Silica production Homs
Production of medical salt (Sodium chloride) Homs
Production of medical salt (Sodium chloride) Deir ez-Zor
Production of dolomite refractories Homs
Magnesia refractory production Latakia
Marble development project – Hama Hama
Marble development project Homs
Marble development project Latakia
Marble development project Latakia
Marble development project Damascus & It's Countryside
An integrated factory for the manufacture of volcanic clay blocks, prefabricated walls, and tuff wool Al-Suwayda
Basalt pipe production Al-Suwayda
Gypsum board and plasterboard p owder Latakia
Basalt cutting and sawing project Al-Suwayda
Phosphate waste recycling project Homs
An integrated factory for the manufacture of v olcanic tuff blocks, precast walls, and tuff wool Damascus & It's Countryside
A project to invest quartz sand and limestone rocks in the manufacture of siliceous limestone blocks Damascus & It's Countryside
A project to extract oil derivatives and manufacture asphalt mixes Deir ez-Zor
Asphalt tiles and insulation roll production project Latakia
Calcium carbonate production project Damascus & It's Countryside