Business Environment

Syria set suitable plans and strategies to find on enabling environment for business sector mainly:

Reformations performed in Syria (2008-2013)
2013 Credit obtaining stage: credit information is achieved via an electronic system to exchange data among all banks , financing institutions and the Central Bank
2012 Starting commercial activity stage : The minimum limit of starting commercial activity is decreased for limited liability companies from million S.P to 400000 S.P . And publishing cost from 122000 S.P to 42000 S.P
2011 The minimum limit to start commercial activity by limited liability companies was decreased at two thirds and the approval upon establishment became decentralized .

The limit of disclosure about loans to the central bank was decreased and the percentage of coverage of credit information by public registries was increased .

2010 The minimum limit of starting commercial activity : was decreased and registry applications became available via internet .
2009 Registering of companies at courts was cancelled and also the condition  of participation of lawyers in those procedures was cancelled .

Transponders trade stage : Private banks in Syrian markets accelerated the process of issuing insurance letters .

2008 Tax payment stage: Rates were decreased and a unit for VIP tax payers was established to accelerate the process .

Measures of starting trade activity on the condition of announcing about establishing the companies in the official gazette.

Source : National Competitiveness Observatory