Laws and resolutions which support investment climate

  1. Law Nr.33 of 2012 related to establishing commercial courts in all governorates so that instance courts become 70 and 15 appeal courts.
  2. Legislative decree Nr.23 0f 2011 related amendment of some provisions of the law of consumptive expenditure and the law of income tax.
  3. Legislative decree  Nr.24 of 2011 related to the amendment of some provisions of the law of stamp duty and the exemption of some dealings by Islamic banks from duties.
  4. Companies law Nr. 29 of 2011 .
  5. Law Nr.9 of 23.2.2010 related to establishing a shareholding company named : Innovation Bank for Small and Micro Financing .
  6. Law Nr. 17 of 2010 related to organizing work in private and cooperation sectors and Arab and foreign companies .
  7. Law Nr. 18 of 2010 related to telecommunications .
  8. Law of protection of mark of identification , geographic indicators , and industrial samples Legislative decree
  9. Law (7) of 2008 related to Competition and anti –monopoly
  10. Law Nr.41 of 2007 related to establishing General Commission for Taxes and Fees.
  11. Nr.33 of 2005 related to establishing Commission for Money Anti Laundering and Terrorism and its amendments.
  12. The resolution Nr.2428 of 2006 related to establishing a new department to provide services to the VIP tax payers.
  13. Decree Nr.51 of 2006 related to amendment of income tax law to decease income tax.
  14. Establishing a civil instance court in 2004 in all governorates to consider all legal proceedings related to investment disputes Courts were instructed to  take their decisions without delays
  15. Law of the protection of national product from effects resulting from damaging effects in international trade.
  16. Law Nr.23 of 2000 related to currency.
  17. The resolution of unification of exchange rate on imports and decrease of rates of internal profit and the permission to open accounts in foreign currencies.
  18. Allowing banks working in Syria to finance tourism projects on B.O.T basis.
  19. Joining the Hague Pact related to international registration of industrial samples.
  20. Legislative decree Nr.23 of 2011 related to amending some provisions of consumption expenditure law and income tax law .
  21. Law Nr.7 of 2008 related to commitment of industrial enterprises , schools , hospitals , bakeries to insurance against fire and earth quakes , and civil responsibility in addition to insurance against personal accidents and health insurance for schools and universities students .
  22. Resolution Nr.259 of 2009 issued by the ministry of  economy and trade regarding Free Zones which are not allowed to be imported .
  23. The national system related to management of health care wastes of 2011.
  24. Resolution Nr.4078/1 of 2012 issued by the prime ministry related to carbon capture of national project in the frame work of clean development mechanism .
  25. Resolution Nr.1307 of 2013 issued the ministry of state for environment affairs concerning granting and export , import approvals
  26. Related to the trade of living beings listed in annexes of convection on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora CITES


  1. Executive instructions related to procedures of benchmarking of environment effect , amended by resolution Nr.818 of 2013 .
  2. Publishing a circular to environment directorates in governorates (2013) to ease procedures of granting the environment approval related to chemical materials import licenses .
  3. Establishing the Supreme Council of Export .
  4. Establishing the Export Development and Promotion Agency .
  5. Establishing the Federation of Exporters .
  6. Establishing the Exports Development Fund .
  7. Cancellation of restriction and commission on all imports for state-owned establishments except cars and tires .