What are the requirements for obtaining an investment license according to the provisions of Law 18 of 2021?

1-Submission of an application by the person concerned or his legal representative to the investor services center in the Authority and its branches, according to each sector, fulfilling all data and information according to the form approved by the Authority and the Board of Directors, and attached to the following documents and evidence:
-An economic and technical feasibility study for the project.
-A list of requirements for the assets required for the project, including buildings, machinery, tools, equipment, production lines, and non-tourist means of transportation, as the case may be, including any needs necessary for the development, modernization, or expansion of the project.
-Duration of the project.
-The timetable for establishing the project, including the expected start-up date.
-Project documents implemented by the investor locally and abroad, if any.
-Permission to view the law, instructions and procedures guides, and his responsibility for the validity of the data contained in the application.
-The legal agency (power of attorney of a notary public) for the applicant.
-A copy of the investor’s ID card or the foreign investor’s passport.
-A real estate registration statement for the investment property.
-Receipt of payment of investment leave service allowance.
-Any other document required by the concerned authority according to the type of activity, as determined by the procedures manual.
2-The application is considered after it is signed by the owner or his legal representative, and the required data, documents and papers are completed.