What are the obligations of the investor after obtaining the investment license according to the provisions of Law 18 of 2021?

The investor is committed to the following:

A- Inform the Agency in the event of assigning to others a share equal to or exceeding 10% of the project’s capital. However, if the law governing work in the sector in which the project is located provides for special controls for assigning ownership, the assignment in this case is subject to the provisions of the relevant private law and the Damascus Securities Market Law in case the company is listed on the market.

B- Informing the Agency in writing of the date on which the project will commence work, and the actual investment costs.

C- Insurance of the project with one of the insurance companies operating in the Syrian Arab Republic.

D- Keeping project accounts in accordance with international accounting standards, and providing the Ministry of Finance with a copy of the final financial statements after approval by a certified external auditor.

E – Paying the due taxes and fees and all financial costs incurred by the project in accordance with the laws in force, in a manner that does not conflict with the provisions of this law.

F- Providing any information, data or documents requested by the Agency without prejudice to the rights of intellectual property protection.