How can investment disputes be solved if they occur?

Article 7 of the investment encouragement Decree No.8 of 2007 states that Investment-related disputes between the investor and Syrian public bodies and institutions shall be settled amicably. If the parties in disagreement cannot reach an amicable solution within three months from the date of writing notice for an amicable settlement, which may be made by one of the disputing parties, each of them shall have the right to take the case to one of the following ADR means:

1- Arbitration.

2- Competent Syrian Courts.

3- The Arab Investment Court formed under the Allied Treaty for Investment of Arab Capitals in the Arabic Countries in the year 1980.

4- The Investment Insurance and Protection Agreement signed by Syria and the investor’s country, or any Arab or international organization.

All investment-related disputes shall be considered by the competent court as summarised proceedings.