Sheikh Najar industerial city


  • stages of execution of infrastructure in Al Sheikh Najar Industrial City , and implemented works
    Al Sheikh Najar Industrial City is implemented on three stages :

    • The following figure shows execution and allocation rates for each stage alone . The total area of those stages is 2937 Hectares , its approximate cost is 13.7 milliard S.P.
    • The average total execution rate of infrastructure works.

    Allocation rates of spaces , in those stages reached up to 59% .

    Source:Ministry of local administration



  • supporting activities and services and administrative enterprises
    Current status Supporting activities , administrative and services enterprises
    Allocated  Fair ground-Media production city- Technological        – Railway station and a  dry port – Workers residence – Industrial Bank – Commercial Bank –Popular Credit Bank-Audi Bank – Syria Islamic International Bank- Frans Bank – Byblos Bank
    Under-construction Administration of the industrial city – General Establishment of Post – Fuel Station – International Bank of Trade and Finance – Real-Estate Bank – Store houses – Two fire – fighting centers – Pumping station Ps2 – Land reservoir
    Under-investment Commercial center-( Bemo Saudi – Fransi Bank) – Bank of Syria and the Overseas – Land scale – Telephone building – Information center – pumping station PS1

    All the above mentioned activities are stopped because of the current crisis . The administration of Al Sheikh Najar Industrial City is moved to Al Jamilieh avenue in Aleppo.

    Source:Ministry of local administration





  • Revenues and expenditure (Accumulative)
    Accumulative investment revenues out of (Sale of spaces, duties and penalties ; installments and interest) amounted 10.827 milliard S.P . At the rate of 93% of the total amount spent on infrastructure which is 11.597 milliard S.P

    Source:Ministry of local administration



  • Development of total investment volume
    Actual total volume of investment amounted 167.496 milliard S.P distributed as follows:

    • 118.300 for under–production factories
    • 41.700 for under–construction factories
    • 7.496 for under –licensing factories