Deir Ezzour Industrial City

 Stages of execution of infrastructure and implemented works

    • Execution of Deir Ezzour Industrial City is done on three stages:

      Implementation of the first infrastructure works commenced for the first stage in 2008 at an area of 323 Hectares , execution rate reached up to 58% which equals 11% of the total area of the industrial city .

      Allocation rates of spaces of the first stage reached up to 17% and the average total allocation rate reached to 7%of the total spaces of the industrial city.

      Source:Ministry of local administration

  • The most important supporting , administrative enterprises and activities


    Current status Activities
    Allocated Social Insurance building , technological incubator , Chamber of  Commerce and Industry , industrial tests and researches centre- General organization for Cement and Building materials(Omran)
    Under-construction Fuel station with its annexes , telecommunication directorate , Chamber of industry of the industrial city , a building of the immigration and passports directorate , workers federation , fire – fighting centre
    Under-investment No activities

    The above mentioned activities and enterprises are stopped , and the administration of the Industrial city is moved to the building of the Governorate

    Source:Ministry of local administration.