Adraa Industerial City


  • Stages of implementing infrastructure in Aadra Industrial City and executed works
    Aadra Industrial City is implemented on six stages :

    • Infrastructure works for the first , second and third stages were launched (Those allocated for industrial enterprises) at a total area of 2642.3 Hectares at an approximate cost of 18.23 milliard S.P including 4864 industrial space (Allocation and implementation rates for each stage are clarifies in the following figure) .

    The average implementation rate of infrastructure works of those stages is 86% and the average allocation rate is 79%.

    Source:Ministry of local administration



  • The most important services and administrative and supporting activities and enterprises
    Current status Activities
    Allocated (8) Banks , salvation and research center , Workers Federation, judicial authority of Damascus countryside , City Directorate of Industry, National Center For  Training Of the Administration of Disasters , Qatar National Bank in Syria
    Under-construction (5) Banks , . Engineers syndicate branch – United Insurance company , Social Insurance Establishment – City Finance Directorate- Global Investment House(Global)-Modern Bakery- Ah Hal Souk
    Under-investment A building of the administration of the industrial city –Fire fighting centre – Five banks – One insurance company – water centre foreign trade Directorate – Post centre- Finance Directorate –Social Insurance – Commercial registry secretary – Electricity centre – Telecommunication centre – Police centre – Clinic –Balance- Restaurants – Three supermarkets – Fuel station – Three schools-A scale.









  • Revenues and expenditures (Accumulative)
    Net accumulative investment revenues out of sale of spaces , duties and penalties , amounted 12.328 milliard S.P . Exceeding the total of accumulative expenditure on implementation of infrastructure which amounted 11.611 milliard S.P

    Source:Ministry of local administration



  • Development of workforce volume
    The actual number of workers in construction and operation of factories in Aadra Industrial City reached up to 8835 workers except those who work in projects of implementation of infrastructure from both public and private sectors

    Source:Ministry of local administration