Industrial Cities


  • Stages of implementing infrastructure in Aadra Industrial City and executed works
    Aadra Industrial City is implemented on six stages :

    • Infrastructure works for the first , second and third stages were launched (Those allocated for industrial enterprises) at a total area of 2642.3 Hectares at an approximate cost of 18.23 milliard S.P including 4864 industrial space (Allocation and implementation rates for each stage are clarifies in the following figure) .

    The average implementation rate of infrastructure works of those stages is 86% and the average allocation rate is 79%.

    Source:Ministry of local administration



  • The most important services and administrative and supporting activities and enterprises
    Current status Activities
    Allocated (8) Banks , salvation and research center , Workers Federation, judicial authority of Damascus countryside , City Directorate of Industry, National Center For  Training Of the Administration of Disasters , Qatar National Bank in Syria
    Under-construction (5) Banks , . Engineers syndicate branch – United Insurance company , Social Insurance Establishment – City Finance Directorate- Global Investment House(Global)-Modern Bakery- Ah Hal Souk
    Under-investment A building of the administration of the industrial city –Fire fighting centre – Five banks – One insurance company – water centre foreign trade Directorate – Post centre- Finance Directorate –Social Insurance – Commercial registry secretary – Electricity centre – Telecommunication centre – Police centre – Clinic –Balance- Restaurants – Three supermarkets – Fuel station – Three schools-A scale.









  • Revenues and expenditures (Accumulative)
    Net accumulative investment revenues out of sale of spaces , duties and penalties , amounted 12.328 milliard S.P . Exceeding the total of accumulative expenditure on implementation of infrastructure which amounted 11.611 milliard S.P

    Source:Ministry of local administration



  • Development of workforce volume
    The actual number of workers in construction and operation of factories in Aadra Industrial City reached up to 8835 workers except those who work in projects of implementation of infrastructure from both public and private sectors

    Source:Ministry of local administration





  • The most supporting , administrative and services enterprises
    Current status Activities
    Allocated (3) Banks- Commercial building – Storehouse
    Under-construction Storehouses – Two fuel stations – Commercial center – Bank – Two car services centers – Electronic scale
    Under-investment An integrated fuel station – Administrative state complex – Storehouses.

    Some of the above mentioned activities and enterprises are stopped because of the current crisis .

    Source:Ministry of local administration





  • Accumulative revenues and expenditure
    Net accumulative investment revenues out of the sale of industrial spaces , fees , penalties , installments and interests reached up to 4.229 million S.P And 5.343 million S.P milliard S.P were spent on execution of infrastructure

    Source:Ministry of local administration










  • stages of execution of infrastructure in Al Sheikh Najar Industrial City , and implemented works
    Al Sheikh Najar Industrial City is implemented on three stages :

    • The following figure shows execution and allocation rates for each stage alone . The total area of those stages is 2937 Hectares , its approximate cost is 13.7 milliard S.P.
    • The average total execution rate of infrastructure works.

    Allocation rates of spaces , in those stages reached up to 59% .

    Source:Ministry of local administration



  • supporting activities and services and administrative enterprises
    Current status Supporting activities , administrative and services enterprises
    Allocated  Fair ground-Media production city- Technological        – Railway station and a  dry port – Workers residence – Industrial Bank – Commercial Bank –Popular Credit Bank-Audi Bank – Syria Islamic International Bank- Frans Bank – Byblos Bank
    Under-construction Administration of the industrial city – General Establishment of Post – Fuel Station – International Bank of Trade and Finance – Real-Estate Bank – Store houses – Two fire – fighting centers – Pumping station Ps2 – Land reservoir
    Under-investment Commercial center-( Bemo Saudi – Fransi Bank) – Bank of Syria and the Overseas – Land scale – Telephone building – Information center – pumping station PS1

    All the above mentioned activities are stopped because of the current crisis . The administration of Al Sheikh Najar Industrial City is moved to Al Jamilieh avenue in Aleppo.

    Source:Ministry of local administration





  • Revenues and expenditure (Accumulative)
    Accumulative investment revenues out of (Sale of spaces, duties and penalties ; installments and interest) amounted 10.827 milliard S.P . At the rate of 93% of the total amount spent on infrastructure which is 11.597 milliard S.P

    Source:Ministry of local administration



  • Development of total investment volume
    Actual total volume of investment amounted 167.496 milliard S.P distributed as follows:

    • 118.300 for under–production factories
    • 41.700 for under–construction factories
    • 7.496 for under –licensing factories







 Stages of execution of infrastructure and implemented works

    • Execution of Deir Ezzour Industrial City is done on three stages:

      Implementation of the first infrastructure works commenced for the first stage in 2008 at an area of 323 Hectares , execution rate reached up to 58% which equals 11% of the total area of the industrial city .

      Allocation rates of spaces of the first stage reached up to 17% and the average total allocation rate reached to 7%of the total spaces of the industrial city.

      Source:Ministry of local administration

  • The most important supporting , administrative enterprises and activities


    Current status Activities
    Allocated Social Insurance building , technological incubator , Chamber of  Commerce and Industry , industrial tests and researches centre- General organization for Cement and Building materials(Omran)
    Under-construction Fuel station with its annexes , telecommunication directorate , Chamber of industry of the industrial city , a building of the immigration and passports directorate , workers federation , fire – fighting centre
    Under-investment No activities

    The above mentioned activities and enterprises are stopped , and the administration of the Industrial city is moved to the building of the Governorate

    Source:Ministry of local administration.


  • The current status of crafts and industrial zones and their financing

    The ministry of doing its best to execute and invest crafts and industrial zones in all governorates , throughout allocation of financial contributions which are distributed as per specified plans and mechanisms and by following –up and field tours.

    During the first stages the Ministry paid more attention to crafts and industrial  zones in governorates centers and in city councils. (101) zones were financed all over the country since 2006 till 31/12/2013 at a total amount of 4.434 milliard S.P

    The following table shows accumulative contributions submitted to crafts and industrial zones:

    Source:Ministry of local administration

    Governorate Number of financed zones Financing (Milliard S.P)
    Ten five-years plan 2011 2012 2013 Total
    Damascus countryside 9 49,00 20,00 4,75 0 73,75
    Aleppo 8 356,50 20,00 0,00 0 376,50
    Homs 13 327,27 0,00 0,00 10 337,27
    Hama 10 715,50 0,00 100,00 0 815,50
    Idleb 17 698,45 56,10 0,00 2,3 756,85
    Lattakia 3 105,00 0,00 25,00 40 170,00
    Tartus 7 170,60 10,00 0,00 60,7 241,30
    Deir Ezzour 6 243,50 15,00 0,00 0 258,50
    Al Hassakeh 7 414,50 79,00 50,00 51 594,50
    Al Raqqa 3 184,50 0,00 30,00 0 214,50
    Daraa 10 353,25 0,00 14,90 0 368,15
    Al Sweida 6 60,50 4,900 21,70 110 197,10
    Al Quneitra 2 18,40 0,00 0,00 12 30,40
    Total 101 3696,97 205,00 246,35 286 4434,320



  • The plan of financing crafts and industrial zones during the years of the eleventh five –years plan

    Remarked credits of financing crafts and industrial zones during the years of the eleventh five-years plan , amounted seven milliards S.P at an increase of 40% against credits of the tenth five-years plan which amounted five milliards S.P .

    The following table shows distribution of allocated credits according to years of the eleventh five-years plan for the contribution in financing establishing craft and industrial zones in different governorates .


    Investment projects Years of the eleventh five-years plan Total
    2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
    Planned credits (Million S.P) 1200 1200 1000 1000 2600 7000
    Actual spent amounts (Million S.P) 205 246,35 286 737,35



  • The most important accomplished works , related to crafts and industrial zones during 2012
    1. An investment map of crafts and industrial zones was prepared in coordination with the Ministry , Syrian Investment Agency , commission of planning International cooperation and the UNDP. The project is in its final stages and the map will be launched on a electronic website administrated by the Ministry .
    2. An industrial zone which is affiliated to the secretary of Idleb governorate was established in Rouiha and Mantef real –estate areas  and also an industrial zone was established in Um Al Zeitoon in Al Sweida at an area of 728 Hectares , in addition to an industrial zones on the  road   of Homs – Tartus  near Tal Kalakh at an area of 50 Hectares . Governorates of Idleb , Al Sweida and Homs were instructed to take all required procedures to follow –up establishing and execution of the above mentioned industrial zones .
    3. It was suggested to establish two industrial zones in Lattakia governorates in coordination with Regional Planning Commission and the subject is being followed – up by the Ministry and Lattakia Governorate .
    4. All governorates were instructed to activate application of resolution Nr.2777 of 2011 which included establishing execution and investing crafts and industrial zones

    Source:Ministry of local administration .





  • Expenditure on implementation of infrastructure and appropriation

    Indicator Aadra Sheikh Najar Hyssieh Deir Ezzour Total
    The plan of 2013 for infrastructure workers 1.521 0.746 0.21 0.92 3.397
    Annual expenditure on implementation of infrastructure till the end of 2013 0.204 0.106 0.006 0 0.316
    Rate of annual expenditure 13% 14% 3% 0% 9.30%
    Accumulative expenditure on power transformation stations 0.322 0.424 0.421 0 1.167
    Accumulative expenditure on infrastructure 11.611 11.597 5.342 1.922 30.472
    Accumulative expenditure on appropriation rates 0.874 0.945 0 0 1.819
    Accumulative expenditure on infrastructure and appropriation 12.485 12.542 5.342 1.922 32.291

    Source: Ministry of Local Administration



  • Number of foreign , Arab and joint companies
    Due to current conditions , 437 enterprises were transported to the Industrial city in Adraa temporarily during 2013 , to operate without administrative license and their situations are settled gradually , so the total number of producing enterprises in Adraa Industrial city becomes 910 enterprises .

    The following table shows that industrial cities attracted 300 foreign , Arab and joint projects .

    City Allocated Under construction In operation Total Volume of investments (milliard S.P) Job opportunities
    Adraa 15 89 48 152 74.980 5751
    Sheikh Najar 16 39 23 78 33.000 3500
    Hyssieh 25 25 14 64 9.425 3625
    Deir Ezzour 1 4 1 6 1.319 187
    Total 57 157 86 300 118.724 13063

    Source: Ministry of Local Administration

    Some of the companies are not operating in the Industrial city in Sheikh Najar due to the current crisis.