• Investment is the locomotive of economic development , because it generates  services and productive projects in all fields, it creates job opportunities , which leads to monetary surplus for both government  and individuals , which is usually re-used to fulfill their  needs, and in consequence  achieving an increase in consumption and in the capacity of national economy , thus, investment climate should be enhanced , bureaucratic restrictions should be simplified . In addition  to granting privileges and exemptions to attract more investments . Enhancing investment climate must be one of the most important goals of the economic reformation programme . This means keeping existing investments and attracting more investments from abroad (Syrian expatriates, Arab or foreigners) . So encouraging investment is not only granting incentives , it includes a set of integrated elements , which do affect each other ,

     economic policies , infrastructure , guarantees offered to investors , legal procedures , simplification of laws and measures , developing bank and tax systems ….etc

    It was realized in Syria that   there is a need to find frameworks to encourage investment , such as strong incentives for entrepreneurial initiatives  , and for projects of strategic importance to the national economy . Mr. President Bashar Al Assad confirmed that investment is a national objective , taking into consideration that national investment and FDI are the strongest engine of economy to achieve sustainable development .

  • Syria Investment Agency

    Damanscuss-Sabe'a Bahrrat-Old prime minister building