An auction to transform farms of the 8th of March enterprises farms into organic agriculture

, Al Sweida and Al Quneitra for five years as per the following condition :

1-Bid bond : 3000000 S.P only three million S.P .

2- Performance bond : 10% of the contractual value .

3- Place of auction : Ministry of Agriculture Al Hijaz-second floor . Tel:2260249

4- Date : Monday 23/11/2014 At 12.00 pm till 14.00pm

5- The successful bidder shall bear all expenses , duties , stamp duties and announcement fees .

Participants shall submit an application order with a stamp at the value of 1500 S.P  with other fees after getting books of technical and financial conditions against 2000 S.P, attraching a document of expertise in the field of organic farming.