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Can non-Syrian investors own and rent land and property necessary to set up their investments?

Do investments enjoy protection from confiscation or expropriation, and do they fall under the Reduction Act?

Can the non-Syrian investor obtain a work permit and settlement status?

Can the investor retransfer his shares used as foreign investment?

Can the investor transfer profits and interest gained from foreign investment abroad in convertible currency?

Can the investor import and take back the tools used for installing or implementing his investment?

Can the investor insure his investment?

How can investment disputes be solved if they occur? 

Which activities and sectors benefit from the Investment Law's guarantees and incentives?

Can the investors import all of their machinery and tools?

What customs exemptions can the investment project enjoy?

What are the developing regions in Syria?

What are the tax exemptions my project may enjoy?

Which industries hold the obligation to export the whole of its production?

Can the previous investments, licensed under Law 10 of 1991 and its amendments, continue enjoying the tax exemptions and benefits obtained?

what is the procedure to export food like spices , pickles , grains pickles ..from a lebanese company to Syria and what are the papers needed Thanks in advance